Kickr Bike Setup with Zwift Companion and Apple TV

Hi guys,

I tried connecting my Kickr Bike Shift with Apple TV (the newest version) today.

I was succesful in connecting the bike with the Wahoo App and with the Zwift App.
At the same time, in Zwift Companion, under “Zwift Hardware”, no devices are found.
And on the Apple TV, under Bluetooth devices, I also can’t see the bike.

I tried unpairing the bike in the Wahoo App, disconnecting/unpairing in the Zwift app (that I also shut down), as well as pulling the plug on a different streaming device that was connected to the same monitor.

What could be the problem? This was a bit of a frustrating experience. :frowning: Any help is very appreciated!

Best regards

First, you can only connect to one service at a time. So, if you’re connected to the Wahoo app you won’t be able to connect to Zwift. Second, you don’t want to connect to the device itself, but only to the Zwift app. So, unpair from everything, then open the Zwift app and look for your Wahoo bike.

I can connect the wahoo bike to the Zwift app - there are two options, either via Bluetooth or what I assume is ANT+. I think that this also worked while being connected in the Wahoo app.
But even after unpairing in the Zwift app and in the Wahoo app, when I open Zwift companion, I can’t find anything under Zwift hardware.

That is probably because you don’t have any Zwift hardware (Hub or Play).

Problem SOLVED - it turns out that I as a new user of Apple TV hadn’t actually downloaded Zwift yet, but was only looking at the info screen with 6 enticing slides.

Thanks for trying to help!