Kickr bike power issue on easing

I’m finding if you come off power that Zwift is slow to react compared to wahoo app, a couple of seconds, see picture where was riding at 400 steady and just stopped, is there a setting in Zwift to consider?

I’ve tried erg smoothing in wahoo app on and off, I’ve tried unsparing cadence in Zwift , all same result

There is a setting in Zwift for 3 second averaging of the displayed power. Check if that’s enabled. It only affects the display, not the effect of power in the game.

Nope it’s on instant power reading

Is it paired to both apps using the same protocol? Any difference with ANT+, ANT-FEC, Bluetooth, Direct Connect (if available)?

I’m on ATV so Bluetooth , I’ll try setup on laptop and ant+ to assess