Kickr bike handlebars slipping

Ok so I brought one £2995.00 and the handlebars don’t clamp.
You have to do it so tight you are bending the clamp screw and now you can see the spherical washer disintegrating.
I am yet to fit pedals ! And now Zwift won’t work on my Imac .
I am not impressed with this indoor cycling !
I have put a strip of zinc oxide tape on handlebar stem diameter to help it grip.
The handlebar clamp in line with instruction say to get it to grip halfway and close so you get a impression on your hands.
I am applying so much force as if I do as instructed the handlebar just slide down.
This is a engineering quality control issue , it should not have been sent out like this it’s appalling.
I am yet to hear from Wahoo.
I have loads of bikes and have plenty of experience using quick release mechanisms.
I am also a mechanical engineer anc know when something is not right.
Absolutely disgraceful

Hi Roger - yeah not good.

I’ve provided a link below to another thread here where a lot of Kickr bike owners discuss broken things so it may be useful for you.