Kicked out of ride 20 times

The last couple of days I have tried to get on to Zwift France and each time I do with in a half of a k I get kicked out. So went to watopia and any ride I pick I ride for about 5 k and get kicked out then get back in and then ride for 2 k and get kicked out and on and on. My system is up to date and zwift is up to date so I can not figure what is going on. HELP

Is the issue bluetooth connectivity? If so, see this forum thread:


When you say you get “kicked out”, what happens exactly? Tell us more about your setup.

I am kicked out of the Zwift app completely and have to get back in. Most of the time it tells me when I try to get back in that my ride was not saved and did I want to save it I say yes and it lets me back in for either some k and then kicks me out again or it does not even let me get that far before kicking me out again

When someone asks you to “tell us more about your setup” it might be a helpful idea to at least say what OS you are running. PC, Mac, Android, iOS, AppleTV?

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