kenitic inride


in ride issues . i am using the 7 day trial with the kinetic inride day one i used the android phone as bridge no issues. today it constantly dropped off and kept getting no data so that i registered zero watts and stopped moving over and over again. is there a known issue or is the product simply poor ? i have multiple devices including an ipad is the a relaible way of using the platform because at the moment it unusable and i couldn’t recommend it to anyone

What hardware are you bridging to Nicholas?


I was having the same trouble. Kurt Kinetic Smart using a Win10 laptop and ZML on iPhone 7. Had one ride where it happened 5 times. Crazy frustrating for sure. When I used the zwift app on the iPhone I would not have the issue.

I rearranged the placement of my hardware and moved a little closer to my WIFI access point and it seems to have resolved the problem.

Thanks for the replies Paul and Brain. So far having trialed Zwift rouvy and gave  sufferfest a brief look . i had a wish to use the spare TV and link the PC as it a highly specked PC  . Day one it was fantastic day tow i wanted to throw it out the window. So far using either my android phone or IPad all platforms have been practically faultless are my expectations of bridging to PC the problem obviously the more steps in the process the more chance for stuff ups . Is it common for these type of programs to work better across Ipad androids etc 


If you have a decent PC, I’d go full ANT+ Brian.

You’ll need a USB ANT+ dongle and ANT+ cadence/heart-rate devices.

I have found ANT+ to be way more reliable than Bluetooth and/or using bridging techniques.

Ride On!

Unfortunately Kurt doesn’t support ANT+, only Bluetooth. Like I said after rearranging things I’ve not had any trouble. We will see going forward.

Apologies Brian, I meant to target Nicholas with that comment.

That said, you raised a good point. As you’re ‘bridging’ to use Zwift, arrangement of the hardware is gong to be important. 

The inRide seems to be an accurate little unit so it’s sure worth some trial and error to get the best connections.