I need help paring my kinetic road machine. Please help

(Ingrid Bolton) #1

I got the ant+ but still not pairing, it keep searching but nothing happens

(David Griscom YCW) #2

Ingrid, how far away is your computer ANT stick from the trainer?  Many people here need a extender to get them fairly close together

(Matt Canna) #3

ingrid are you using the in ride option?


Do you have an ant+ stick?

(Ingrid Bolton) #4


Is next to it, I got the extender

(Ingrid Bolton) #5

Matt-I have the inride app but not sure how to use the inride option with zwift. Thanks! 

(Matt Canna) #6

Ingrid, then you don’t use the ant+

The Kinetic InRide uses Bluetooth, so you will need to set your iOS/andrioid device to use the Zwift Mobile Link to act as a Bluetooth bridge between your InRide pod and Zwift.

For instructions on how to do so, please visit our Knowledge Base article here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/206576683-Bluetooth-LE-BLE-Support-for-HR-Monitors-and-Power-Meters

That should help you here set up!

(Ingrid Bolton) #7

Matt you are the best! thank you for your help. I’ll follow your instructions. Thanks again :slight_smile:

(Matt Canna) #8

Ingrid did that work out for you?

(Ingrid Bolton) #9

No it did not. I I have tried everything. I’m giving up :frowning:

(Matt Canna) #10


see below there are some additional information.


(Ingrid Bolton) #11

Matt, I finally got it to work! thanks for your help. I deleted the app from my iphone and computer and then installed again and voila! Thanks again!