Keep everyone together records


It’s frustrating that KOM times / Sector times etc count in meet ups where the ‘keep everyone together’ function is used. The times are not realistic based on effort and aren’t simply a benefit from drafting etc.

I’ve done a couple of meet ups like this where one of the guys is coming back from injury etc but still wants to ride and the times we can post up climbs are 20% quicker than our effort would normally give.

Even though I’ve deleted the rides, the PBs still stand.

It would also be good to be able to access all sector PBs and not just see 90day pbs but all time PBs etc.

You can see these in the Companion app under the routes section, they’re broken down quarterly (I can see segment times going back to April 2015).

Thanks James, I was thinking more in ride so that if I haven’t ridden some route for over 90 days I still see that in the info bar

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I won’t be too concerned about other people’s time on Zwift there’s so many people with incorrect power numbers due to bad setups, incorrect weight, spin bikes with speed sensors or bots just to name a few.

Best is to track your own performance and get stronger so that you can complete outside.

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Thanks Gerrie
I’m not concerned with anyone else’s times, the thread is about my times

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I think that is their issue - they are saying that their times are faster than they should be when riding a meet up because the whole group is going artificially faster.

I find the PBs largely irrelevant anyway, all my best times are when i was caught up in a big group ride and nothing to do with my own performance.

Exactly this Chris.
I don’t really do large group rides anyway so not if my times have any amount of drafting benefit in them so I use PBs up climbs as a guage of where my fitness levels are. I can always look at average W for the sectors in Strava afterwards etc but I just find it frustrating when you’re on the ride and the top graphic is showing you a PB that’s just nonsense.


yeah - it’d be good if there was something like on garmin where if you hit a new PB it asks if you want to keep it or not.

so if you get a PB in a massive group or in a meet up or whatever you can discard the times as you go through the banner or at the end of the ride or something,


zwift has the option of sorting silly strava kom times out by adding the tag they use for the climb portal scaling to any meetups with rubberbanding enabled.

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It is frustrating to have the women’s leaderboards decimated by riders doing less than half the wkg of the riders that did genuine efforts. I didn’t realise how bad it was until I went to check my Innsbruck PR the other day.


That’s a great solution to this. Won’t solve the existing times but will be good for future.