Just for balance

I started running on Zwift just as a change of scene (currently at about level 17 cycling). I debated whether to get the Zwiftpod given that reviews of it are … mixed, but eventually took the plunge. So far (and I realise I’m tempting fate with this) it has been faultless, and great fun.

I updated the firmware through the app when the pod first arrived and that was was it - must have done about 50k so far across Watopia and Yorkshire (fantastic new addition) and it has never missed a beat. It reacts well to changes in pace and generally reads within 0.1km/hour of my treadmill reported pace. I generally run at about 4.30m/km(ish) but I’ve also done warm-down sessions at much lower pace and it has tracked accurately. I’m using a 2018 IPad Air. No sign of battery drain on the pod as yet.

Just thought I would add this to the forums in case anyone is put off by the accounts of difficulties in getting everything to talk to each other. I’m absolutely not trying to devalue others’ experiences and maybe I just got lucky, but hopefully others will be too if they try. It’s definitely a fun addition to my “things to do if I can’t be bothered to set up the trainer/can only sneak out of work for an hour at lunchtime”, and is great fun.