Jumpy riders today, no names, lap counter didn't work ...

I didn’t ride yesterday. Today an update downloaded? A bunch of issues on the ride.

It seemed that all other riders were very erratic. I couldn’t get a draft on anyone, as soon as I would roll up they would jump 10m ahead or behind or off to the side. Happened with AI and RP. AI riders would go off the road on one side and jump back on the other coming toward me and going the same direction as me.

My avatar froze at the KOM for about 20 seconds.

When I would go through a segment finish arch the window would pop up that usually shows position in the segment. Today my result was not shown on the list. I didn’t see my time in the segment.

My lap counter didn’t increment on my second lap.

On the list of riders more than half had no names, no flags. They did show distance from me and w/kg. Sometimes the name would show up on the screen over their avatar when they were in my view, sometimes not.

After reading a few more posts I am going to check my wifi signal strength. It has not been a problem before but my phone dropped the wifi connection once this morning.

Hi Louis, 

Definitely sounds like an internet connectivity issue.  If you are still having the issue please open up a ticket and send us your log file for the ride. 


Either my internet has become very laggy since the update or there is more going on because I’m very erratic and losing internet connection as well. Including partially saved file. I’m not the only one either, with others on strava with the same issues very recently.

I replaced my wifi router with 802.11ac and had no problem with yesterday’s ride.

The trainer is in a detached garage a good bit of distance and at least five walls from the the router. Was probably at the min signal with 802.11n. Now with my laptop on ac (5Ghz) and my phone on n (2.5Ghz) they both should have better a better data rate for Zwiftin.

Notice that my ride on May 15th, when I had the issue, has incomplete data on the Zwift My Feed. The .fit file loaded directly from my computer to Strava shows the complete ride, ~1 hour and 17 miles.