Joysticks ?

Can we now use a USB joystick to control our avatars? Since we can type ‘0’ and use the arrow keys to control our avatars, will a joystick also work?


The ‘0’ and arrow keys are just to control the camera, not the avatar. Still gotta pedal for that!

Yes. That’s what I mean. Would the joystick control the camera?

What you need is a program that maps keystrokes to game controllers. ie. “Controller Companion” on Steam does exactly what you’re asking for an Xbox controller; for a while I used this for my power up and to switch camera angles, do u-turns, and relentlessly spam ride ons and bell rings ;). Though I dropped the controller more times than I can count and am amazed it still works.  It was cool being able to use the + pad to quickly flip the camera around, having bound up down left right to various camera angles, so I’m certain you could bind A button to 0 key and the + pad to arrow keys to spin the camera, plus bind ± to the two triggers to zoom in/out with an Xbox controller with the new feature in Zwift.

Thanks for the info! :+1: My laptop is a bit of a reach for me, and I have an extra bottle cage perfect for a joystick! I have an excellent computer guru who can probably knock this out for me! :grinning: