Zwift Play suggestions

I have got a Zwift Play, mostly for the convenience of doing actions without having to pull my phone from my back pocket or reaching out all the way to the laptop stand.
I am mostly happy, but there are few things I want to point out:

  • The buttons layout is somewhat similar to the XBOX, but some buttons are swapped: A and B. On XBOX A button is used to select menu actions by default and having it in a different position is confusing.
  • I would like to have the option to configure the buttons, or even better have some stickers in the box to place them on whatever button I want. Particularly the steering. I would prefer it to be single handed, on the right-hand side controller for instance, and moving the front “button” left to actually steer left instead of braking. The other handle should be used for braking. This way I don’t have to use both hands to correct the steering.
  • Have an option to turn steering off. It is completely annoying. I did few laps with a pace partner, and I had to steer left or I would be pedaling alone in the middle of the road after a short while. As a matter of fact, that session I exclusively steered left. I did not have any need to steer right at all and it was quite disruptive.

being able to have the side buttons deploy a powerup would be a big bonus in sprints

Zwift Play suggestions?

Don’t buy them!

Don’t connect them!

Throw them away as soon as they arrive!


No issues at all with mine. They work in my set up just as they say they should.

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