Request - Zwift Play ReMapping Buttons Option

Just recently visited the USA and was able to pick up some Zwift Play controllers.

Installed these on the bike and from first use these feel like they were designed by someone who only rides on the hoods. The button placement of the pads for anyone who rides on the drops is pretty terrible especially if you want to hit the Y button to activate the Power Up in the sprint. You really need a super long thumb to wrap up and around to press it without hitting the power button and making the whole thing turn off.

So what would be great is if Zwift allowed us to remap what the buttons can do. This would allow everyone to then customize the controllers to work the way they want them to. I can see right now the 2 paddle buttons that currently get used to increase or decrease the workout resistance that also are now part of the virtual shifting would have been the most perfect buttons, on the right side to have as your power up and on the left side make it toggle between look behind and forwards. This button is perfectly position on the hoods and on the drops.

You also do not really need 2 buttons that activate brakes so being able to customize that to just 1 could allow you to move the powerup to say the right brake button and then leave braking just on the left.

So many different options that would really allow each person to just make it work the way they want.

So Zwift please can you add the ability for us to remap our buttons

Thank you

even if they just made the side buttons that do nothing unless you have a zwift hub for virtual gearing to allow power up for the rest of us would be a big improvement