Customizable buttons for zwift play

I’m going to start off by saying i don’t currently own a pair of zwift play controllers.
There’s a VERY good reason for that, and that’s customization.

I’ve watched every review i could find, and it’s pretty clear that in it’s current state the zwift play is not for me.
That could change with a few improvements:

First off, let the user define what each key does like every game that ever existed in modern times.
I have absolutely NO use for turning, the only times i’ve used it was the few times i accidentally pressed my keyboard and then again i could just use the keyboard to get back on track. Maby 3 times in 2 years or so.

What i DO have a use for however, is pan and tilt of my camera.
You know… the camera that SHOULD be z-locked to the rider but instead is locked to the compass?
I mean… what maniac decided THAT?
I digress…

Let us configure it.
Personally i’d love this configuration:
Long press left for different camera choices, and short presses when in free-cam to pan and tilt the free cam.
Long press up or down in free cam to zoom.

I use my camera angles constantly in TTT to keep track of the group and keep myself in the correct position.
I also use the camera a lot in free ride.

I also use the bell, i kinda like ringing my bell when moving about in a group ride for the fun of it.

I know, minor stuff to most…
But not to me, the abillity to pick what the buttons do would make me buy this in an instant, but paying this much for a limited product with half of the functionality it COULD have is not something i’m willing to do.
I’m going to make a completely wild guess that i’m not alone in thinking that turning and scrolling the ingame menu is wasted potential.
I know, appleTV… well, my guess is that appleTV users also would like the option.

Well, now that that’s out of my system, ping me if this is something that is comming in an update at some point!