Gamepad support

(Tom Stuart) #1

I’m currently using JoyToKey with Zwift so I can use my Xbox controller with the game rather than a keyboard and mouse or my smartphone. It’s a little flakey, though, and I haven’t managed to configure it so I can change directions on the Watopia course.

It’d be really cool to see controller support in the game itself, so that I can do things like activating power-ups, changing direction, and changing camera viewpoint without having to get sweat all over my phone.

(Michael Coyne [CCCP]) #2

+1 Tom

The ability to use a game controller (e.g., xbox one) would provide a steer and do all the other things the app does without the corresponding lag and problems associated with the app.  A game controller would provide a better way to interact with the primary Zwift display instead of using the mouse and keyboard while riding.

It would also allow us to highlight other riders to view or to send gestures such as “ride-on”.

(Y ohans) #3

I think this is a great idea.