Camera View 0 - Arrows keys function broken on Windows


I love doing photos ( screenshots ) using camera/view 0 on my Windows setup ( soon Mac ), unfortunately the new version 1.42 makes this almost impossible.

When trying to position the “camera”/view with the arrow keys using view 0, the action bar also takes input from the arrow keys.

Please fix this bug to so the arrow keys are isolated to panning the camera when view 0 is active.


Is it just the up arrow that’s affected? I’ve seen this discussed and believe it’s being looked at.

Just tested on a “short” 4 hour ride :wink:
And both the action bar AND the camera position takes the input from the arrow keys.

So once you hit arrow up the action bar pops ud and then takes all the inputs as I’m trying to position the “camera”

Even worse, when trying to use the arrow down, even without the action bar visible, it interprets it as I want to do a u-turn :flushed:


This is a known issue with 1.42 and Zwift is working to find a fix.


Since the new menu bar has been introduced, I notice that on PC when you are in the drone cam (view ‘0’) pressing arrow up to angle the camera further overhead brings up the menu bar also, which is slightly annoying.

The drone cam is perhaps the most useful of all the angles. Perhaps we need to be able to assign different keys to move it around?

Also, the new gampad controllers - are we able to control the drone cam with them? if not this could be a very welcome addition and certainly a reason to get them for users on Apple TV/Android etc who don’t currently get the drone cam.

That bug it’s known about and yes they can do what you request in terms of operating the drone cam.

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Up and down arrow are now mapped to both camera angle and menu pop-up and u-turn. Good job regression testing Zwift. You broke my favorite way to enjoy the wonderful world: the camera.
You can watch the YouTube video about to see the problem (but posting links is not allowed so go to this ID): bI4cJyt9SW4

It’s a known issue and is being worked upon to be fixed.

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Really like the new action bar. However, I also like panning around in camera view 0 when I feel like sight seeing or having a look what’s going on around me. Pressing the up arrow to adjust the camera angle now brings up the action bar, and the right/left arrows start toggling through actions, running the risk of selecting something by accident. Could the up arrow for the action bar be disabled when you’re in camera view 0?

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