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New to Zwift running - completed first event today - loved it! What happens if you join an event late? I can’t always make the specified time - can you still join the event?

Also, if you are warming up and it wants to add you into the event with 5 mins to go, can you select “No thanks” and then join with 30 seconds to go, or does selecting “No thanks” mean you don’t want to participate in the event?

Yes you can do this, selecting “no thanks” just gets rid of the automatic join prompt.

Yes, if the event is configured to allow late joins (not all are, races don’t allow late join), for cycling you have 30 minutes after the start to join late, I assume it is the same for running.

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You can definitely select ‘No thanks’ and still join the event later. Just be aware that Zwift is likely to display this pop-up 786 times in the 30 minute before your scheduled event starts. Just kidding, of course, but you may find that it asks you far more than you would like. It’s not just a ‘dismiss now and then remind me with 5 minutes to go’ sort of thing.


Funny how quickly I forget - but I think you can ignore all the early messages ‘Join Event’ or ‘Dismiss’ as I believe nothing happens if you ignore the message. I stand to be corrected.

However with around 3 minutes to go the option changes to something like ‘taking you to event in 30 seconds’ (you will see a countdown ) or ‘dismiss’. Obviously if you do nothing you will be taken to the event. ( useful if you have actually left the treadmil for last minute preparations.)

Unless you have super fast internet I’m not sure I would wait until 30 seconds to move across to the event. I have fairly poor internet connection and old IT equipment and have known my transfer to event to take a minute or so (and it seems very slow when panicking about whether I will get to the start line in time)

A very nice 5k and 10k time on your first Zwift run.

Run On.

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thanks everyone for the comments - everyone is so helpful and supportive. What a great community!