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I signed up for Haute Route at 11am but was able to go at 9am and went with that group. At 11 I was taken out of my 9am group and put at the starting line for the 11am group. Is there a way to go and finish my 9am event please?

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Short answer no.

There should have been a message on your screen 30min before the start of the 11am event telling you your event is about to start, then a count down at that point you should cancel the message if you want to continue the 9am event.

Best practice is not to have events overlapping, you can un select events in the companion app.

Ok, thanks! If I select quit event at countdown, it cancels upcoming one and keeps me in one I’m already doing? Thanks

Interesting. On what platform are you running? I have had instances with overlapping events, but I have never had Zwift pull me out of my current event and put me in the next one. I do get the countdown timer, but I just ignore it. It then just continues to count down (though I do have to regularly dismiss the ‘Join Event Now?’ pop ups). Alternatively, if I know I am not going to do the event, I just open it up in ZCA and un-register (which then makes the countdown timer disappear).

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You should see this: Click no thanks if you don’t want to go to the event.

OK thanks!




Not sure the platform, and really appreciate all the advice and help here! I must have not seen the “no Thanks” option. Thanks again!