Join a Zwifter who is in a Meetup

I am planning a meetup in Watopia with a few friends. One friend will only be able to join for the second half of the ride.

If we create and ride in a meetup, can our other friend use the “Join a Zwifter” feature to join us for the second half of the ride, or will we not show up in the list because we are in a meetup?

They can’t join in the meetup.

I think if you make the meetup to show other riders it might work although it won’t put them in the meetup so you won’t see them highlighted but they will be riding next to yoiu.

How late will your friend be the other option might be a club event with late join enabled which works for 30 mins.

We’re doing a century, and they’d join a couple hours later.

It sounds like doing the meetup would mess things up for the last friend to join, so our options would be:

  1. Everyone joins for the route and we try to find one another near the spawn point.
  2. One person joins the route and everyone else uses “Join a Zwifter” to spawn near them.

Does that sound right?

1 is probably safer. I’m not sure how well Joining a zwifter works to keep a rider on the same route.

and if you are going for a route badge you need to be there at the start of the route.

You can have a meetup designed to end by the time the next person wants to join. So you get to start in the meetup but then continue riding when it’s over and others can join after that point.

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Oh interesting! Will those of us who join the meetup stay locked into the route even after the meetup ends, and still receive the route badge?

They will not if it is completed over two rides.

Your best option like Gordon mentioned is to show all Zwifters so the friend can ride with you.

I don’t think join a Zwifter will work for riders in a meetup regardless of their visibility settings.