JetBlack Volt

Gday all I have just recently got my JetBlack Volt trainer it’s great but I have a question regarding heart rate connection. Zwift picks up my heart rate (Garmin 935) but never displays anything. I wondering if I’m just thick or am I doing something wrong

Can you tell us more about your setup? It would be helpful to know all of the pieces you are using, as well as how you are connecting (Bluetooth or ANT+).

Gday I’m using a JetBlack volt and a Garmin 935. The heart rate monitor does in fact display as a paired device on Zwift but no heart rate is in facts displayed as I ride. I’ve literally tried everything turning off Bluetooth tried to see it on IPad nothing works. I’m just wondering g if in fact I need an ant+ dongle to use the heart rate

But what sort of device are you running Zwift on? PC? Mac? iPad? Apple TV? Other? And if you’re connecting with Bluetooth, is it possible your Garmin is paired to something else that is grabbing the signal?

Forerunner is transmitting HR in ANT+ only AFAIK, you probably need an ANT+ dongle.

Gday sorry yep running primarily on PC

Ok thanks good to know

Milan is correct, it’s ANT+ only for the 935. I’m surprised it’s pairing to be honest but it certainly won’t be transmitting any data.

Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to help me, I literally just ordered a dongle so should be good to go as soon as it arrives

@Ash_Purcell … hi, have you compared Volt wattage to another source. My son’s Volt is 20w less than his Quarq D-zero, along the power curve.

Sadly I don’t have a second power meter to compare it to