Jetblack Volt and Norco Search

Hey guys,

I’ve got a Jetblack Volt v1 and a Norco Search XR A1. I’m a total beginner.

I was using my trainer fine about 8 months ago. I then had my belongings placed in storage until last week. I’ve now moved into a new location. I lost my charger in the move and replaced it with a generic ac adaptor.

My trainer alternates between not measuring wattage to measuring way too high and won’t spin down at all.

I’m using zwift and jet black through my iPad pro.

In addition, my bike grinds when I shift gears.

Any ideas?

For the Zwift Hub versions of that trainer, they use different power output spec to what you are using - using wrong spec output could cause strange things to happen so I would suggest you contact Jetblack and ask them for correct spec if you cant find online and DONT use the one you have otherwise you could cause permanent issues with your trainer.

Zwift hub version - from DC Rainmaker

Grinding could be one (or more) of a few things like indexing gears, spacer installed when it shouldnt be (or vice versa). Do a search as this has popped up quite a bit with Zwift Hub version.


If it’s grinding when you shift, as opposed to when you’re just riding along, likely bet is that something got knocked out of whack when the bike (not the trainer) went into storage.

-Derailleur hanger would be the first place to look. That often takes a specific tool to check, local bike shop should be able to check it. If it does need to be bent back into shape, it takes about 5 min and shouldn’t cost a lot at all.
-Could be indexing of your gears as well, if a barrel adjuster got turned accidentally or something.
-Could also be as Dean suggests, you didn’t put the spacers back in the same place after taking it apart and putting it back together.

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Thanks Team,

Looking into getting another power supply.

Getting my bike serviced to see if that helps.