Cassette problem on JetBlack volt trainer?

Hi guys I have a JetBlack volt trainer. Tonight when I was using it I noticed that the cassette would not free spin when I stopped pedalling and the chain would bunch up, it was an ugly sight. When I clipped my feet out of the pedals the whole front cog just spins with the back weight like it’s been pushed by the back because the cassette won’t free spin. I backed off the tightness on the axel, it helped a bit but didn’t fix it and now the axel is loose. Does anyone one know what I should do to fix this problem? Thanks

sounds like the freehub has seized up, might be worth contacting jetblack about this issue as they should be able to direct you on what steps you can do to confirm the issues

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Thanks rich

I know this is an old thread but rather than creating a new one for the same reason, can I ask did you get a resolution to this problem? I have exactly the same thing happening with my Volt

Never mind. I figured it out. The hub bolt was too tight. All good now.

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It’s great to know you’ve managed to solve this issue.

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