Elite Zumo problem

Hello, anyone had mechanical problems with their Zumo?

I was peddling on zwift last night,!heard a funny noise coming from the turbo trainer then out pops what looks like a rubber seal from the inner mech. Thin rubber but quite long. A length of about 30cm came out and it looks like a second seal/rubber line has snapped internally, it’s actually poking out from the inner mech (jammed) and the turbo trainer won’t turn.

One more thing, I took the cassette off to take a better look and I noticed lots of play on the slotted mould which attaches to the main shaft on the trainer. I can’t remember if there was play when building it (fitting the cassette), I don’t think there was. Comments on this would be good.

Anyone experienced similar?

sounds like it’s broken to me!

take it back (to halfords I assume) should still be well within warranty

Hi Ewan,
I have a Zumo as well and I have gotten a smell of “burning rubber” on more than one occasion. I contacted support, and they asked me to take of the casing and look inside, I did, and the belt inside has slipped and frayed and this was causing the issue. I took photos and sent it back to them. and they said to take it to the dealer, and get a replacemnt as it was a “mechanical problem”.

As it is under 2 years old, it is under warranty, that’s great but, now there is no replacement stock anywhere and there are none available at present… Hope you get yours sorted.

Hope this helps

Elite replaced mine but because of the weight they didn’t ask for the old unit back.

I’ve stripped the old until to see exactly what happened.

I think it’s down to oil / lubricant.
DONT over-oil your chain and DONT apply oil at the rear cassette. The reason for this is the plastic is not sealed. The lubricant which falls off the chain falls directly onto the belt, allowing the belt to slip.

The mechanism which holds the belt is high walled, and as soon as it starts rubbing, the walls start to damage the belt.

What happens is a length of what looks like wire (or some sort of seal) comes out of the turbo trainer - it’s actually a shard of drive belt. The walls of the mech are cutting chunks out of the belt until it jams.

If you smell rubber or think something isn’t with your Zumo, take the 8 or so screws out of the side, the cover will come off and you’ll be able to check the state of the belt :slightly_smiling_face: