Elite Zumo problem

Hello, anyone had mechanical problems with their Zumo?

I was peddling on zwift last night,!heard a funny noise coming from the turbo trainer then out pops what looks like a rubber seal from the inner mech. Thin rubber but quite long. A length of about 30cm came out and it looks like a second seal/rubber line has snapped internally, it’s actually poking out from the inner mech (jammed) and the turbo trainer won’t turn.

One more thing, I took the cassette off to take a better look and I noticed lots of play on the slotted mould which attaches to the main shaft on the trainer. I can’t remember if there was play when building it (fitting the cassette), I don’t think there was. Comments on this would be good.

Anyone experienced similar?

sounds like it’s broken to me!

take it back (to halfords I assume) should still be well within warranty