Jersey - Ability to give up or give away a leader's jersey

I tend to try to go for the sprint but I don’t need to hold the Jersey while I soft pedal around the island. I think it’s discouraging to others to see someone “sitting” on a Jersey. It would be nice to be able to give up the Jersey without losing the actual times from the 30 day leaderboard etc.

Maybe do your sprints elsewhere and soft pedal the official sprint points. The jersey system works pretty well as it stands. Being ‘given’ a jersey for having the 2nd fastest time doesn’t make sense. 

Maybe not Shane, but that’s exactly what happens when the holder of the jersey logs off - it goes to 2nd place. I would say it is certainly a worthwhile feature to suggest.


Logging off changes the circumstances. The jersey goes to the leader who’s on the course (and who’s set the fastest time in the last 60 minutes). If implemented it’d need a ‘reject’ option, I’d never wear a gifted jersey out of principle of what it stands for. 

As the jersey is only the quickest for the last 60 minutes, effectively if you set the second fastest time 30 seconds after the fastest time you would take on the jersey after an hour anyway regardless of whether first place was still on the course…