Japanese Language related issues

I just completed a Meetup with my group in Zwift. Here are some of the bugs and problems I found:

  1. Zwift Companion App message displays Mojibake (scrambled letters) like this squares “□□□” when messaging in game. It always happen with Direct Message. Nearby users message sometimes works ok, but sometimes produces the same Mojibake.

  2. Zwift display messages with missing Kanjis . For instance I typed "… 漢字… " in the companion app, but it shows as “… 字 …”. This also happens for the standard emoji.

I had to type in Japanese words in roman characters (romaji) , which can be confusing for Japanese people. Another option we tried is to use a different Chat, but switching between Zwift Companion App and a different Chat back-and-forth is very distracting.

Will be great if this can be fixed soon, as it hampers the meetup group ride experience for Japanese speaking people.