James on hols

Just a heads up for those of you that like to tag me in everything :joy:

I’m away until Tuesday so I won’t see any messages until then.

In case anyone’s interested…

Tron or climbing bike? Or maybe a bike swap after the worst of the climbs half way through? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like an amazing ride, enjoy the time off!

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Pob Lwc!

Enjoy the Taff Trail - I’ve not done that route north of Brecon, but there’s some lovely views over the viaduct north of Merthyr (plus it’s nearly all downhill from that point)!

Ive had to change to the blue tron


Good luck James! You’re gonna do great!

Well earned sir, enjoy. We will muddle through without you somehow.

massive road works still going in at merthyr when you come out from the viaduct via the small church

Enjoy the ride.

Lon Eifion, Caernarfon to Bryncir section is lovely to ride, Dinas to Caernarfon you pace the Welsh Highland Railway ( Rheilffordd Eryri) too, and it’s all the west side of Snowdonia (Yr Wyddfa)

tagging future @James_Zwift to hope it was a great holiday!

Make sure your brakes work before descending Fron Serth approaching Dolgellau! :rofl:


Enjoy it James… some great riding with exceptional views…

Enjoy your holidays! Safe riding. :+1:

Enjoy James! Looking forward to your return - event updating has slowed dramatically :joy:

Day 1 broke me - along with the worst cramp I have EVER had in my calf trying to put my trainers on after the ride!

So sadly I didn’t complete the last couple of days but was constantly in awe of the Welsh countryside!


Sounds like you forgot the pack of feather power-ups and/or needed to set the trainer difficulty down to give you a few more gears.

I was definitely begging for a trainer difficulty setting on the 20% bits!

Sadly my eyesight let me down more than anything, although legs were partly to blame!

Wales has many hills indeed! I was supposed to do the Dragon Devil in 2020, but luckily Covid-19 saved me! :rofl:

Away again, back on Monday.


Rest mate, you do deserve it!

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