Issues with sensor connection

Hi There,

I’m new to zwift and my main reason to come on is to try E-racing. I’m using the Zwift app on the macbook pro and transmitting it to a bigger tv through an HDMI cable. I’m connecting to my tacx neo smart and tickr HR monitor through an ANT+ stick although the macbook has bluetooth but did not detect my trainer.(this works perfectly when i use trainerroad though)

Anyway, this has worked for a couple of rides when i tried riding in normal circumstances. But when i signed up for races and tried to connect , there were a couple of issues

  1. at first the connection happened between all the sensors but the power numbers kept going off and sensors kept getting disconnected
  2. After rebooting the app i couldn’t connect to the sensors at all.

This has happened twice right before races i have signed up for. Can someone guide me on what i should be doing or changing. i cant wait to give e-racing a proper dig.


How far away is the ANT+ from the trainer? You might need to get an extension and put it right next to the trainer? @Gerrie_Delport what advise do you have?

The ANT+ receiver is right next to my laptop which is on the stand you can see in the picture. do you reckon that could be the issue? I must mention that the two times i have ridden normally on Zwift, this has not been an issue, only the other two times i have tried to race.

So racing should not be different than normal riding, it can be that you just notice it more on a race.

You can drop your log files into and see if your ant+ dongle disconnect often.

I can’t really see the ant dongle, I assume it is plugged into the laptop. If it is plugged in I would suggest that you get a extension cable to get it away from the laptop and closer to the trainer.

P.s Nice bike!!

Thanks Gerrie for the comment and for the compliment on the bike! Your are right, it is plugged into the laptop. I will order an extension cable and bring the ANT+ dongle closer to the trainer.

I hope this sorts out the issue.


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I also hope so. Good luck let us know.

I now have the USB extension cable with which i am now able to bring the ANT+ connector right under the Trainer. It seems to be working better than before but getting the connection took forever.

while warming up on the start line of the race, my avataar kept uncleating and hence i figured that the connections werent 100%. This was confirmed by Zwiftalizer as well.

The ANT+ dongle that im using is quite old. Should i try a newer one. could this be the problem.

I really want to solve this.

Thanks for letting me know.

That could be part of the problem, these electronic things don’t last forever.

If you get a new one wrap in in a small plastic bag so that no sweat can get to it.