Issues after last update

Zwift keeps getting jammed now since the last update. Very frustrating! It’s happened 5 times now despite me uninstalling and re installing. Starts to freeze them freezes all together and this morning just crashed. It’s a fairly new laptop with plenty of memory. Any ideas please? Thanks

I get a WerFault.exe application error … unable to start correctly. (Oxc000012d).

Any update on this issue? Having same problem.

Same here, also fairly new computer.

This is the 2nd time in a month that an update has caused Zwift to crash. The last time (a week or so ago>). It freezes at the “login successful” screen. What gives? (and yes, I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it - no luck).

How to solve Werfault.exe 0xc000012d? Fairly new computer but Zwift keeps crashing. Unable to start application… new installation windows & zwift doesnt solve the issue.