Issue to send fit data out of Zwift via mail

I struggle to send out fit file via mail. it work so far until I‘ll send, send button doesn’t work.

Can you screenshot? You may have not entered a valid email, failed to attach at least one file etc etc - its likely you’re failing the “client side validation” checks its performing in one form or another.

Also, what device and OS is this on please? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, what I can say is, the mail address is correct.
Below see pictures:

Thanks for the screenshots, I see what you mean - the up “send” button is greyed out. Is it using the same mail app that you use on the device normally (assuming you do use mail on the device at all?). Normally it will do this if it can’t send the mail - that could be because there is an issue with just that one email (e.g. the recipient email address is invalid), or if there is an issue with your mail app generally (e.g. you’ve never configured it for an email account so it has no server set/configured).

Can you confirm you have configured your mail app on that device, and that this is using the same mail app that you normally use?

Hi, you make it, the hint with using Mail was the right one. It was deactivated because of using Outlook only, I reactivate it and now it works😀 Many thanks!

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Awesome! Glad I could help, especially since I’m hopeless with computers normally :smiley: