Issue on Pausing/Restarting Workouts?

I’ve been doing the Gran Fondo training plan and it was the last long ride today - 3h15m but low intensity. Got to the second to last under interval (2h40m in) and desperately needed the toilet… probably drinking too much for the low intensity effort. So paused the workout and jumped off the bike. All looked good when I restarted a couple of minutes later. When it got to the last over interval (75% FTP), the ERG resistance stayed at 50% and I started to get messages telling me to pedal harder. Which I did… but the trainer just pulled me back down to 50%. So I had to plod along at 50% FTP for the last 40 minutes. No idea what happened… my HRM ran out of battery at around the same time so maybe that screwed something up somewhere. Pretty annoying for things to get messed up at the end of such a long ride :rage:. Anyone else experience similar issues when pausing/restarting workouts??