Is this Turbo trainer compatiblae with Zwift

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me is this turbo trainer will work with Zwift.


kind regards


It depends on which sensor you’re planning to use with it. The Misuro B+ will not be compatible with this trainer and Zwift as it measures rollers rotations, and Zwift’s virtual power is based on tire rotations.

If you have a separate speed sensor or power meter, however, that trainer will work. See our Elite classic trainer guide and zPower setup guide if you plan on using a speed sensor.

Hi Jason, I think this trainer comes with the Misuro B+ Is the Tacx Saturi compatible with Zwift?

The Tacx Satori smart is compatible - it will broadcast power, too!

You can see our full list of supported trainers on our website if you have other models you want to check.

Is the Tacx Saturi an ok trainer. I used to have a kickr snap which was great apart from it packed up so wanted something just for normal rides, interval work etc… Not sure how noisy it is.


I have used a Tacx Satori for about 1 1/2 years with out issue. I broadcast Ant+ and BLE. The watts are close to what my 4iiii power meter register after both are calibrated. 

The noise factor will depend on the tire that you are using, but I don’t think it is any noisier than any other trainer of this type.

Thanks Paul, I have a Vittori trainer tyre which was always quiet on the kickr. Thanks mate.