Is this an exertion graph on riders lower backs?


This seems like some kind of exertion graph but I haven’t seen it mentioned or discussed anywhere -

It’s really too small to be useful and I bet it uses a load of CPU power when we’re riding in a bunch.

Has anyone noticed it?
Would anyone miss it?

Those are collected ride-ons.

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I saw somebody mention filling your jersey pockets with them but never imagined they’d be quite so literal. :grin:

That makes sense and probably doesn’t overburden any computers too much.

Now I’m done on my hunt for drops Ride On’s are just a nice gesture - it used to be that I got frustrated with people “wasting” them by giving them out when they weren’t on climbs. Now I know where they actually end up.

That would be one of the Pace Bots… they have a script: “Filling jersey pockets with ride-ons since Jarvis.”