Empty "ride-ons" from maillot pockets

Well, appart from the extra weight that savagely penalises riders here in Zwift (yes, weight here is a drama, so people cheat :roll_eyes:) I am really worried about aerodynamics , that also savagely penalises (specially higher weight riders, again :roll_eyes:) and also I think the mega-bag pockets maillot is horrible in terms of aesthetics… :relieved:

Otherwise, I hope people can stop to give that annoying "ride-on"s, please!! :joy: :joy:

Yeah what’s with this? I feel like each ride you used to get a fresh jersey and then you’d get ride-ons added to them throughout the ride. Now I start a ride and they are already packed. Did they change this on purpose?

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You get pockets filled faster now because you have more followers. However, I read some time ago that Ride-Ons have no weight or aerodynamic effect. So don’t worry about that.

However, you get drops faster for 15 seconds when you get a ride-on. They run consecutively, so 100 ride-ons will keep your drop accumulation running faster for 25 minutes.

I regularly get my pockets packed in the first 10 seconds and run on accelerated drops for complete rides.

More drops and you can buy more stuff in the shop! :biking_man:‍♂:+1:t3::sunglasses:

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But please, let me give the ride ons to the team asistance car or something! :rofl:

Press 3 on your keyboard and you won’t have to look at them anymore; you’ll only see the road ahead as you do when you ride IRL. :+1:t3::sunglasses::biking_man:‍♂:sunny: