Ride On's

How about sweat drops when you - give - ride on’s? Got my weekly statement from Zwift. I gave out over 3,300 ride on’s and received 113. I guess I expected riders would return the favor. How about 1/2 a sweat point if you give a “ride on”?

How the heck do you give out 3000 Ride Ons? I’ve given a lot out via the Companion app, but they don’t count. Giving them out while riding is so cumbersome.

You need to stop giving out so many, that’s the reason they have become so useless now.

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are you just constantly hitting ride on while riding?

if people give them out all the time they are effectively a nothing/throw away gesture

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Why don’t they count?

How so? Were they ever “useful”

Not at all…

If my circle has recharged and I see a rider or riders, I give out the Ride Ons. You never know if that person is in the suffering through a workout, struggling up a climb, bored, etc., where a Ride On might be the perfect pick me up or motivator to keep going :+1:

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What I mean is they don’t count as far as the “Your Week on Zwift” email goes.


I gave a lot more than 152 Ride Ons out last week, but most of them were through the Companion app when I wasn’t riding.

My assumption being that the OP is referring to that email for the numbers he gave out and got back. Which would mean he gave out 3,300 while riding, which is boggling to me because it’s so clunky to do.

So you’re saying the ones you give out when not riding “don’t count” ?! :thinking:

Maybe I’ll test that by only giving out Ride Ons when not riding and see what the Zwift report shows :nerd_face:

As far as that email goes, no. It does say “during activity”, which I take to mean during my activity. If I’m sat on the sofa, they aren’t included. =) Neither the ones I give out via the companion, nor the ones people give to my activities after I’ve finished them.

Giving ride on’s do not count toward sweat drops, only received. Yes, while doing a workout or ride, I use companion app to give ride on’s.

Yeah, that’s the thing that would really incentivise people to give them.

It’d be great if any received while not moving got held back until you start moving. Whenever I get one while in the starting pens for an event, I always think “what a waste!”

drops increase at a quicker rate if you receive a ride on.

Sure, but you only get drops if you’re moving. If you’re in the event start pen waiting to go, you don’t get any drops. And 2x0 is 0. :stuck_out_tongue:

But sweat drops are given for moving , that’s the whole point isn’t it? Why do you deserve sweat drops if you don’t move?

I think what Daren is saying is that sometimes you get most of your ride-ons while in the starting pen because people get notification that you are riding and they quickly give you ride-ons. So altho you get them you lose out on the drops because you are waiting for the event to start.

It will be nice if zwift could delay the notification until you reach 10km/h or 2km or something like that.

I have started to wait before giving ride-ons from the app until I see the person is riding. some people can take up to 10min before they get going.