Is this a sign of an unstable connection?

Today in both my races all riders kept flickering on and off their bikes in the start pen and first few seconds of the race. Drafting also seemed non existent at times, getting spat out the back at higher w / kg than everyone else in the blob. Something just seemed off.

Zwift had been running pretty well recently, especially given the dated laptop I run it on. This morning after the update was the first I’ve had these problems, but guessing the issues were on my side as other guys could draft fine.

I’ve had a look at zwiftalyzer and kickr - zwift was fine. Frame rate poor at 4 - 8 fps. Connection only has two bumps in red before the start on the graph, but the very bottom one has a lot of red lines as seen in the below screenshot.

Edit : won’t let me upload the screenshot here. Basically regular red lines evenly spaced out on the very bottom section of zwiftalyzer.