Is there a way to easily export of download my entire log for the last year?

Looking for a way to download my log for the past year.

Essentially the company I work for will will pay us back for gym memberships if we work out at least 8 times that month. So I need to send them proof of 8 rides on zwift for the months I want to get paid back for. Thanks!

Hi @Michael_Jones2

I would guess you can import all your .fit files from you Zwift documents and import them to Strava.

I dont think there is an easy way to identify Zwift vs non zwift for my company if I just take screenshots of my strava history…

If you import all your Zwift rides as Virtual rides then you can only show virtual rides.

Or you can load them as a different bike, You can see below I name mine Indoor trainer

I think that may be the best I can do. Thanks!

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Do you also push your activities to Garmin? On Garmin Connect desktop site you can export all activities to a .csv file. From there you can manipulate that information to show what your company wants.