Batch download of FIT files

I recently joined Strava and linked it to my Zwift account.
I want to sync all my past Zwift rides to track my progress as Strava allows you to do track that and provides segment tracking as well.
The problem is that even though I can import past FIT files into Strava, Zwift only allows export of FIT fIles one at a time. I’ve done April, but it’s tedious and time consuming, so it would be nice to be able to “batch” download of multiple FIT files from Zwift. 25 would be nice since Strava allows up to 25 to be imported at a time. Thanks!

Can be done from ZwiftPower I believe, if you’re registered.

There’s a standard Windows component which can achieve what you’re trying to do: [BITS]. It has been included in Windows since XP and 2000 SP3.


bitsadmin.exe :transfer "JobName"download.url:here.exe C:destination:here.exe

The job name is simply the display name for the download job - set it to something that describes what you’re doing.

Fco. Javier, all .fit files which Zwift created during the time when you’ve been using it are stored in the following folder on your PC:


Name of each file starts with the date.

I’ll check it out. :pray:

Thanks for the suggestion Andreu, but I am using Apple TV for activities. This raises a good question, do the Zwift activities get recorded somewhere on the Apple TV drive and if so, how does one access them?🤷🏻

I just checked my Zwift App on my Apple TV and it is occupying 2GB of storage!

Thanks for the suggestion Byron, but I am using Apple TV for activities.

Unfortunately the function doesn’t work, I just tested it. It seems to go through but when you try to download the zip file ‘generated’ you get an XML access denied error message. :frowning: @xflintx