Csv or other export format?

I am new to zwift, and would like to be able to track my progress in excel, or similar, without having to type in a bunch of number manually every ride. I’ve looked into some of the fit file conversion tools, but most seem overly complicated for what I’d like to see. I figured, since there is a feature request forum I’d say I’d like to see some form of csv export of activity data. Heart rate, cadence, power, etc.

I’d like to see a way to get data into Google Fit, too, but that seems to be a determined effort to be the opposite of useful by google, as usual.

if you just want quick and dirty, you can drop you FIT file in here:

then use the export to CSV function.

quick question why not track your data in Strava it has a lot more info and stats than GoogleFit.

this may be an option, I have not tested it: Google Fit Integration – Strava Support

Strava only syncs outdoor rides, no virtuals. The only thing I am currently running on my phone that tracks steps is google fit, so I probably just need to get something else. :confused:

Strava do sync to Zwift for virtual rides. Or do you mean only outdoor rides will go to googlefit from strava.

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Right, Strava doesn’t send virtual rides to fit.

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Christopher -

  1. Sign up for free accounts on Strava and Training Peaks.
  2. Link your Zwift to these free accounts to get your .fit files automatically uploaded there for storage.
  3. If you like data analytics offered by Premium version of Strava or subscription version of the Training Peaks (you will be able to check them out during your free trial), maybe this is the way for you to go.
  4. If you want to get even more analytics but do not want to pay for that, Golden Cheetah, a freeware program, is your friend - but nothing is truly free, it is not very well documented and supported, so there will be a fairly long learning curve. GoldenCheetah can download your training history both from Strava and from Training Peaks.
  5. If you want the best in analytics (which comes with lots and lots of Youtube training videos which explain how to use the software, a closed support group on FB, and many explanations and examples in the book “Training and racing with a Power Meter”), then spend about $180 and buy WKO5 license {you can start with a trial, too}. You can use it with free version of Training Peaks, and it gives much more than Training Peaks subscription. It will graph your progress for all imaginable parameters, will calculate your FTP without FTP testing, and much much more. I’ve been using it since last fall and feel that it is a very valuable addition to my Zwifting.

There is a workaround, but it’s a pain and has to be done for every single virtual ride you do (assuming you’ve linked Strava to Google Fit):

  1. Do your ride in Zwift, save and upload to Strava.
  2. Open Strava on your mobile (not the web version) and select the activity you’ve just done
  3. Edit the activity, immediately save it (no need to actually make any changes)
  4. Open Google Fit, refresh your Journal; your activity should now be pulled through from Strava.
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Lol, I am already manually entering numbers into fit after every ride. :slight_smile:
This would save a fair bit of time.

Odd, that worked twice, then went back to no uploads to google fit. :confused:

Not just you, appears this has stopped working for me since Friday as well. Nothing pulled through the last couple of days from my Strava virtual cycling activities (and I’ve got a couple of different strava privacy settings on those activities, so I don’t think that setting is the culprit). Hopefully it’s just a temporary blip and it’ll be back to the usual faff of a workaround soon enough!

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Apologies for the double post. Having done some digging on this; Strava are aware that it’s broken, but don’t have an ETA for a fix as of yet - Strava Activities not Syncing to Google Fit – Strava Support

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It’s almost like they deliberately went in and changed it so virtual rides wouldn’t sync, broke everything, then fixed it so non-virtual rides would sync.