Is the Samsung tab s5e compatible with Zwift?

Good morning Zwifters.

Dit anyone try or test the new Samsung Galaxy tab S5e yet? I’m currently using the Huawei p20 lite but want to upgrade to something bigger yet more affordable than the Samsung S4.

Looking forward to your response.

Ride on.

Latest list I could find …

Its a long thread but found these comments …

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Thank you for the feedback.

How’s the Galaxy Tab S5e getting on with supporting Zwift ?

Hi John. I did not buy it yet. I plan to buy it by Dec.

I can’t connect to Zwift with my Tab S5e anymore. It worked just fine october 10 but not when I tried multiple times october 27 it doesn’t. It’s nothing wrong with my trainer, Tacx Bushido, it’s connecting as it should to my phone, Sony Xperia xz2c.

start of Nov 2019.
Brand new Samsung s5e…tacx picks my bushido up straight away. … zwift not connecting at all

Quick update.
Zwift didn’t work through new samsung s5e
pretty miffed as Tacx connected pretty much straight away, albeit after a fiddle with bluetooth.
Looked at bluetooth settings and also system settings, saw an update was available. Updated new (I Push the word new as i’ve only just got tablet so hadn’t had time for updates etc.) available software, rebooted and low and behold zwift then found my bushido smart trainer.
Did try bluetooth ant+ dongle prior to the update and that didn’t work either, might try that again tomorrow.
Basically, if your s5e won’t connect to zwift and bluetooth apps, see if other software connects, if it does, look for any system updates.
Hope that helps

You also need to make sure that the trainer/sensors are not connected to your phone or any other app before opening Zwift, BLE only allows one connection at a time.

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Hi to all the Zwifters.
I finaly get my Samsung Tab S5e. I tryed it this morning for the first time. Everything connected the first time, except for cadance that i done twice before it worked. I dit 41km on Zwift watopia and everything worked perfect without any problems or hickups. It was a nice experience from my Huawei P20 screen to the 10.5 inch.