Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Hey, anybody using a Samsung Galaxy tab s5e?? Does Zwift run there?

Hi Werner and welcome to the forums!

Sorry for the delayed reply.

YES to the TAB S5E !

I have ridden many times (like dozens) with it. It’s great!!

I’ve also been using it to test Android development and releases, for the last few months.
I rotate through various devices.
And QA tests on many devices, but devs typically have one at a time - and mine just happens to be the S5e!

Sorry again for delay, and thanks for your post!



Septembre 2021…
Je confirme que la GalaxyTab S5e fonctionne parfaitement pourZwift :slight_smile:

Mon smartphone Motorola MOTO 4G NON ! … le Play Store d’Android m’indique mon téléphone n’est pas compatible :frowning:
Par contre “Compagnon” est compatible et fonctionne bien sur ce smartphone.