Is the Clubs Icon Feature Functional?

Hey there! I’m trying to edit our Herd club details to add a 256x256 icon. Is this feature live? I upload a white only, transparent background, exactly 256x256 png, it tells me it’s successfully updated the Icon, but I still get nothing when I review my club or events. Does this function for others? I can play with colors or the other images but this part is not working for me in the club editor.

I have the same problem. And the clubs team is already aware.

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yep, same issue for me. Came to the Forums to hopefully find a solution.

Has anybody successfully uploaded a logo/icon to their club profile?
Can HQ provide a response?

I uploaded the logo with the tools, but it was also not in the CA.
After i’ve deleted the CA from my phone and re-installed CA the logo was uploaded to CA


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yes. that did the trick … simply re-installing ZCA now shows my club logo.Thanks for the tip!

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