Activity saved to a club is not appearing in the club feed [June 2022] [SOLVED]

Hi. On windows version i select the club that i want share my workout and i press save, then the workout saved correctly at my workouts but doesn’t appear at the clubs activities.

I just checked and none of mine are found in any of the clubs I belong to as well. I specifically remember choosing a club when saving too.

Using windows 10, ZCA on android.

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Hi @Dimitrios_Chomatas welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks to you and @Mike_Rowe1 for flagging this up. I’ve let the team know so we can investigate. I see both of you are using the Companion app on Android 12 devices + run the game app on Windows 10.

Is anyone else in a Club seeing the same thing with their workouts not count as a Club activity? If so - please tell us:

  • For the Companion app: which OS version your device is running

Yep, same for me @shooj

Android 12

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Same for me… I don’t see them in the Club feed but they are there in the general activity feed… IPhone 8… this problem seems to have happened since Mar 12. No issues before then…

Same here. Win 10 and Android 11.

Thanks for raising your hand in this thread, everyone. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. I’ll update when there’s news to report.


The option to post activity to club feed still isn’t working!

Update: doing a little housekeeping - this issue was fixed in the July 2022 game release v 1.27.0.

If anyone is still seeing this issue - please make sure your Zwift game app is updated to the latest version. On mobile OS platforms and Apple TV - it is common for players to set their apps to not auto-update. Thanks all.