Game Update 1.26 [June 2022]

Yep! Did one last night!
Blurriness is indeed fixed, thanks Zwift team!

Unfortunately … lol, the workout performance is still massively suffering.

I ended up doing a loop in Neokyo for grins to compare. And while indeed the blurriness was fixed and happy with that; the super low FPS problem still seems to occur.

And same as always, CPU consumption drops, GPU consumption pretty much halves, and FPS got… going to have to review the log on this one. It got HORRENDOUSLY low, probably below 20FPS at one point.

So ZHQ definitely still needs to poke their heads into workouts causing super low performance at times; I’m unable to even take a guess what makes it happen, it’s too inconsistent.

Loading to zwiftalizer pretty much proves that; yeah dropped down to 17 for a few seconds, brutal! Really only seems to get nearly this bad on workouts from what I noticed though.


Yes, fps issues while doing a workout haven’t been fixed yet. Thats a total different issue.

But hey: Little by little, the bird builds its nest. :upside_down_face:

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I have been unable to supertuck since this last update. (not)happening in multiple worlds, even at 50+mph in Bologna at -15%.

My avatar has always been slow to tuck (~6secs) but now he just doesn’t. I’m on a Kickr Bike using Win10.

I super tucked last night after the latest patch, win 10 and Kickr Core. Maybe something going on with the Kickr Bike?

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Don’t know why but since update 1.26.1, I experienced Zwift app crash at each activity after about 10mn riding. The app stops suddenly. I have a PC Win 10 with GTX1660. The last lines of log file are :

[18:19:36] Command Status Received for command 51, status = 0

[18:19:37] ANT  : Set road texture 0 (time=1123353025)

[18:19:37] ANT  : Transfer Completed.

[18:19:37] FE-C SIM GRADE -0.000

[18:19:37] ANT  : Transfer Completed.

[18:19:37] ANT  : FET grade set successfully

[18:19:38] FE-C SIM GRADE 0.000

[18:19:38] ERROR: ZwiftApp Crashed

Can you help me ? Thx

@shooj The water reflection fix didn’t seem to work everytine. During my last visit in Makuri, I passed a lake 4 times and during one time there wasn’t a reflection visible at all. Other lakes and rivers showed the reflection everytine.

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I raised your question with the team, and I was told that not all bodies of water will trigger reflections to reduce runtime loads. That particular lake may have that effect intentionally.

Thanks for the feedback. This is interesting, since it did work three out of four times. :thinking: One can only assume that it was due to the time of day in-game and how the sun was shining that there wasn’t a reflection.

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No idea about this issue ? Thx


Your crash logs and your game logs may provide some clues to see what’s happening on your machine. Please go to and let us know that you want to email us the crash logs, and this will get you to one of my colleagues who’s good at reading those logs.

These need to be emailed because we don’t allow uploads of text files on the forum due to malware risks.

it sounds like you may know this already, but you can find game logs using these instructions and logs for crashes that occurred in the past 24 hours by following these steps:

Game crashed for me for the first time in years tonight, all because my internet connection dropped out on the home screen (I think). Loaded into London which took ages, frame rate was abysmal and repeatedly locked up fully for seconds at a time. Avatar was flickering, then it just died to desktop. Log file shows hundreds of curl errors where the hostname couldn’t be reached. Nothing at all in Event Viewer or Reliability History, the game just ended itself.

Starting to suspect the internet connection watchdog and/or an inconsistent connection to the subdomain above might be what causes the stuttering I’ve been noticing.

PS: on the basis of the errors, every single user account has its own URL at /api/profiles/<youruserid>/in-game-fields/. That seems like a lot of folders.

They won’t be actual folders. It’s an API call where the user id will be used to look up whatever in a database or some other data structure.

Ah okay, can’t say I know what I’m on about with web stuff. Not unusual.

Power curve still has issues. New power records in the power curve for several areas don’t meet up with the best power curve.

Hi @shooj !
Thank for helping. Actually I did a complete uninstall / install of Zwift. Seems to be better (first short ride about 30mn OK)… Wait and see :slight_smile:

I have a MacBook Pro with a Gen 10 Intel i5 processor. I was reading through the latest update to see if there had been any fix to the issue, it seems, a lot of zwifters with this processor have been having since one of the previous updates… has there been any specific attention paid to this issue? Before, I would be able to ride for hours without an issue, but now my computer will restart randomly after opening Zwift. I have seen it where my MacBook will restart before I’m even fully logged in and ready to ride and other times when I’m 20 minutes from finishing a workout. Would love to see this issue be fixed! :slight_smile: If there is amen thing I need to do, please let me know! Thanks!!

Buenas tengo problema para abrir la app de Zwift a traves de un proxy marca ZSCALER, me puede ayudar a ver cual es el problema, ya logro que haga login pero no carga toda la aplicacion bien.