Exchange own Club Logo -> “You do not have permission to access this.”

When the clubs were introduced, it was possible to use custom club logos. However, for some years now, it seems that this option is no longer available. Is there still a way to replace the current logo with another custom logo?

I wonder if they would still give preference to older clubs in this way when newer clubs can’t choose a logo at all. Interesting.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but you can add your own Club icon on the Club Settings page (Configure tab) on Zwift’s website.

Restrictions are: 256x256, only PNG, only white color

no, that´s not possible anymore in my case as a owner of a club.
I always get redirected to /join if i enter direct the url to my club.
If i enter /edit then the message You do not have permissions to access this." occures.

Actually, I can’t imagine that Zwift treats old and new clubs differently on this. Have you tried this way (because it works for me):

  1. LogIn on
  2. Go to activity feed
  3. On top right there is a block “Clubs” with a link to your club, klick it
  4. On next page choose “configure” tab
  5. At the bottom of the page you (should) have the “add Club Icon” section.

If it is still not working, check if you are still the owner of the club. :wink:

Seems possible for clubs that were made before clubs went public, as I know I made a club on companion if not the day it went public, the first week.

And it is not available to modify its logo in that manner. (it’s not listed at all)

BUT, a club I am now a owner of that was set in before clubs were public, that does show up on that clubs listing on top right.

Strange, obviously Zwift decided to shift the entire club thing to ZCA only (without having the add club icon feature there), but kept the web frontend for the existing clubs? Odd but possible.

There are two completely different types of clubs, aren’t there?

The ones that hsve existed for a long long time and are ones that run events on the public calendar and have their own jerseys etc, and are administered through the website. You need Zwift to agree that you have this sort of club

And then we have the Zwift Clubs functionality accessible via Companion, which came in more recently. This lets anyone set up a club and run events, but those events don’t appear in the Zwift calendar.

Maybe. I can’t tell. The club I “co-own” has been established a few days before January 27, 2022, which I guess was the rollout date for the club feature. But it also hosts events on the official Zwift schedule.

The only club that shows up there for me is the one I’m a member of where I have permission to manage public events. The other clubs I own or moderate don’t show up.

thanks. It just doesnt work.
I am the owner for sure and can´t see a link for clubs anyway. Also if i assign a additional account to the club.
I have an old Club and a new one. Long time ago i bookmarked the link for the club. An there i can see the ‘configure’ button, but after clicking “You do not have permissions to access this”

Thanks Paul, then it depends on the permission to edit public events.

Seems a bit odd that the ability to change the club icon depends on this, but I guess Zwift just didn’t implement this feature in ZCA’s club section yet. Can’t imagine that Zwift delibirately wants to prevent “normal” clubs from changing their icons.

Where exactly am I looking? (Yes, I am the club owner)

It is a block above the “Goals” block. But we figured out here, that it only seems to appear for clubs where you have the permission to edit public events:

What’s funny is that I do have permission to edit our events via the Zwift site. I have to paste the event address in myself, and I understand that not all clubs can do that, but I’ve been able to. I can turn on the godawful rubberbanding and everything. But yeah, I don’t have that Clubs block.

EDIT: Although that makes me wonder…what would the URL for my club’s management page be, hypothetically?

EDIT: Nevermind, found it. “You do not have permission to access this.”

So back to my initial statement–I’d sure like to see this edit ability given to everyone rather than just restored to a certain select number of clubs. :person_shrugging: