Is any Android user able to see any bluetooth sensors?

(Paul MaClellan (Red Rider)) #1

Being told that Bluetooth works with the latest Zwift Moble update.  I see no way to even search for sensors let alone turn on support for them. 

Yes I uninstalled and reinstalled 

Yes I am looking under settings 

Yes bluetooth is on

So I ask 

Is any Android user able to see any sensors? 

(Badea Cristi) #2

same problem for me… the app connects to zwift but not to the sensors… still waiting for this problem to be solved :frowning:

(Alexander Ep CVR (B)) #3

I was able to connect my bushido via BT, I see watts, but it lost signal in 5-10 seconds after connection.

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #4

Bluetooth works fine for me using a relatively new samsung tablet.  I have paired my stages PM, KICKR, TICKR and BlueSC.  

(Dan Noz (VLOG)) #5

works for me, but can’t setup Kickr as controllable trainer!

(Brian Gorby) #6

Hey folks,

Thanks for your help in testing BLE beta support for Android. If you’re having problems with making a BLE connection, please file a support ticket with so we can work with you to identify where the problem might be.




(Brian Gorby) #7

Hi Daz,

Controllable trainers are not yet supported over BLE - we’re working on it, but for now you can continue to use the KICKR as a controllable trainer over ANT+, or just use the KICKR as a power meter over BLE.