Is a Kickr Snap Spindown Really Needed Every Time?

I’ve been searching for an answer to this on forums and can’t find it. If this is a duplicate question, please send me the thread discussing it.

I have a Kickr Snap. I know the guidance is to do a 10 minute warm up and then spindown every time to calibrate the unit. But I haven’t seen any information on how this actually calibrates it. The only information I can find is that the spindown needs to take between 9 and 16 seconds. If under 9 seconds, loosen up the resistance, if greater than 16 seconds, tighten the resistance. Makes sense. But does the spindown and the result actually send any information to the trainer that then alters the trainer’s algorithm for calculating power?

If not, it seems I don’t need to do a spindown every time. The only thing I need to do is make sure the tire is pumped to the same pressure every time and the resistance is turned the same number of revolutions after initial contact every time. That way, once I have a pressure and revolution # that result in a spindown of between 9 and 16 seconds, I can replicate that and ensure the same power.

Of course, if the spindown results do send information back to the trainer that adjusts the algorithm, then I would need to do the spindown each time to account for variations.

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I don’t think the trainer adjust anything. It is to set the wheel friction to the tolerance range. A deflating tire can cause wrong readings.

It is good practice to keep calibrating the trainer not only when racing to be fair but also for your own records.

When I ran the SNAP I compared to my P1 pedals. If close, no calibration (within a couple of watts @ 200 and within 15 or so at 400+ watts). Because, at the time, the Wahoo app was horrific…never found the Snap, I then switched to using the P1s as the source and the Snap as the Controllable. Worked better that way.