Calibration standards

Calibration (in this case two Wahoo Kickr Snaps) seems wonky. Each trainer calibrates okay, but your results (and mileage) may vary… The “feel” changes all the time with each calibration.

One issue may be that we are swapping bikes in and out and each has a different tire size (23c, 25c, and 28c). But that can’t be all of it. It does seem that the gear one is in while calibrating should make a difference. Should an “ideal” (or more precise) calibration involve being able to entire tire size and current gearing? Or at least tire size, but then have all calibrations take place in a standard gearing or gear ratio?



Are you doing a spindown each time you change bikes? You should be and in fact with a wheel on smart trainer they need a spindown every ride (after a 10 minute warmup for the tyre and unit) for the power to be accurate.

That said, I owned a Snap and could never get it calibrated properly i.e. match my power meter. Exchanged it and the replacement was just as bad so returned that for a refund. At the time, other Snap owners were reporting similar calibration issues. Things may have changed since then.

Hmm. Claim was once a week (with no bike changes).

But no, we weren’t. Hard for kids doing a quicker ride. 

And wheel off trainers would be a bigger pain since we need to swap around 3 bikes.


Maybe we need three trainers! Ug.



Honestly, for me, being very familiar with effort/speed on the road, I could calibrate with a knob. Such a feature would be useful. Just an “adjust calibration” til it feels right.

If it’s just a quick ride then you can forego the spindown especially if they’re just riding around on Zwift.

Unfortunately one of the shortcomings of wheel on smart trainers is the need to do spindowns.