iPhone Bluetooth connection issues

Hello! I can connect to my Kickr Core easily via Bluetooth from my laptop, but my iPhone will not see my Kickr or Wahoo cadence sensor. I can just give up on the phone, but it would be nice to have the option. Any ideas?

Disable the Bluetooth on your laptop. Then try your iPhone again. Also, w/the iPhone, you do not need to pair it to the iPhone itself (Settings > Bluetooth). If you have, remove it. You only need to pair your Kickr when running the Zwift app from within Zwift. The same for the cadence sensor.

If you have a Kickr Core, it can provide cadence. IIRC, this was added via firmware upgrade last year. Thus, no reason for the cadence sensor.

Edit: One more thing to check is that Zwift has Bluetooth permissions enabled on your iPhone (Settings > Zwift)

Bluetooth setting in the Zwift app was the problem - thank you!