iPhone app not pairing, with tp link wifi repeater

(robert dunne) #1

Having trouble at home with iPhone app pairing with laptop. It works in the office. At home I am using wi-fi repeaters as the house has big thick walls. Any ideas?


(Paul Allen) #2

I was having issues getting my iPhone to connect also and I did the following:

I have a Linksys Router that is capable of both 5GHz and 2.4GHz so I split the 2 into different access points

I changed the channel for the 2.4GHz to channel 1 (by default it just grabs any channel)

I make sure both my phone and PC are connected to the 2.4GHz access point.

Since I did this my iPhone connects to my PC without issue

(robert dunne) #3

Cheers Paul,


Turns out I had to disable MAC filtering on my TP link wifi repeater thing.


All good now


Ride on

(Steve Phillips) #4

Was having same problem on Ipad. My fix was in game to turn on airplane mode, turn off airplane mode and they paired. Only worked in game though.