i phone app

how do I pair my iPhone with my laptop? I have the app downloaded.


You don’t need to.  It syncs to your account when it’s active, not the computer directly.  Just open the app while riding and it should connect.

Hi Cathleen, 

You need to make sure you are on the same WiFi network as your laptop.  It will automatically connect after you have the game started and the app open for a few seconds.  

The iphone (both test and from the store) would not pair for me tonight. Tried several times and yes my computer and iphone were on the same wifi network. The app bring up the rider list but never shows the controls. Used to work before this new version. Any ideas?

Same problem, I get rider list but no controls. All on same WiFi network.


Yep.  Same here.  First time using the app.  I thought I was missing something.

Me too…got the list of riders, but nothing else. Same wifi network…

Me too but first time using mobile app

This happens, you need to just give it a minute as it does eventually bring up the other 2 pages. It doesn’t sync straight away.

I had mine on for the entirety of a 45 minute ride with no luck…

Update - My iphone app started to work yesterday (Friday night New York Time) and it worked again today. I’m still using the beta app not the production app from the iTunes Store.  So the problem seems solved for now.

Tried mine tonight and it worked this time. Fun!

I had to change my iPhone to use the same wireless access point as my PC.  So, even though they were on the same network, they couldn’t talk.