Iphone App not working last few rides

(Jeremy Brazeal AETNA R/T (A)) #1

Not sure if anyone else is having issues with this recently but my app does not sync any longer. Same wireless network and app is updated. Is this a known issue since last game update? Not sure if this started because of the update as I have only ridden in doors a few times recently. It was working before the update though.


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Jeremy, there is indeed an issue and we’ll be trying to sort it out in the next update of the app.

(Marc Steingrand) #3

hello I am not sure if i missed something but i open the iphone app and the only screen i can go to is the screen showing me who is riding , but i can not find myself neather can i go to other pages (there simple not there). any help?


(Keith Studnick ztr-d) #4

Happened to me yesterday as well. It worked on and off but mostly off but could always see who was riding.

(Matthew Thompson) #5

Yep same here, I am hoping that it was a one off.

Either way the app isn’t really very friendly if starting on the ‘who’s riding now’ page.

Would like to see a button toggle to flip between this screen and my current ride data.